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Wednesday 13 delightfully frightens Paper Tiger while expressing ‘Condolences’

Wednesday 13 brought his band, including San Antonio lead guitarist Roman Surman (right), to the Alamo City last Saturday night in headlining Paper Tiger.

His act is meant to spook and frighten in song. All to be taken with a grain of salt. These days, however, Wednesday 13 appears to be sorry for your loss, which is why he’s offering his condolences. On Saturday night, he may as well have been apologizing for those who missed his headlining show at Paper Tiger. Because it was their loss if they did.

Touring in support of seventh studio album Condolences that dropped June 2 on Nuclear Blast Records as part of a 13-year solo career, Wednesday 13 did more than scare those in attendance. He rocked and entertained the ones who chose him over Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters at the AT&T Center, Saigon Kick marking its return at Fitzgerald’s and other smaller shows around San Antonio. Armed with a pair of bandmates once again playing their hometown show in lead guitarist Roman Surman and bassist Troy Doebbler, the North Carolina native joined that pair in speaking with AXS prior to the show (watch here). Come showtime, the makeup was put on, the theatrics came to the forefront, and the band embarked on a 13-song, 65-minute set that ended 15 minutes early, according to the original set times, omitting the last song on the printed setlist "Bad Things."

Taking the stage to the first song from his latest opus, "What the Night Brings," Wednesday 13 ghoulishly delivered songs and lyrics of horror-themed subjects. He peered out at the audience while lights of various colors hovered over the stage inside the steamy 21-year-old venue while the squared stool on which he performed shined a single light upwards into his face. Also joined by rhythm guitarist Jack Tankersley and drummer Kyle Castronovo, Wednesday 13 performed other new tracks such as "Bloodsick," "Prey For Me" and "Cadaverous" with older favorite "I Want You Dead" (setlist in slideshow). Not to mention, the finale that’s sure to endear himself to the mothers of any future girlfriends: "I Love to Say F—" (Facebook Live video here).

In addition to Surman and Doebbler hailing from San Antonio (although Doebbler was born in Corpus Christi, he has spent most of his life in the Alamo City), the band used to have a third long-time San Antonio resident on drums until Jason "Shakes" West opted to pursue Murder FM and now Down Generation. Castronovo, the son of former Journey drummer Deen Castronovo (yes, that Journey) replaced West about six months after Wednesday 13 performed in February 2015 at The Korova — a venue in which Doebbler has been known to help out as a bartender. That performance came the night after some band members showed up at the Majestic Theatre to catch one of their major influences, Alice Cooper, in action.

Like Cooper, Wednesday 13 is in character mode on stage and doesn’t speak much to the crowd. Unlike Cooper, Wednesday does say the name of the city in which he’s performing, further firing up the people with occasional mentions of San Antonio. But because he mostly is a character, Wednesday didn’t inform first-timers in the crowd of the origins they may share with Surman and Doebbler. Rather, Wednesday 13 was busy transforming into alter egos of sorts, brandishing a bullet hole on his forehead while picking his nose and sticking the finger in his mouth. He donned a masked likeness of himself and affixed it to the back of his head, turning and singing while facing the drums in his black cape so that the mask eerily swayed side to side at the crowd in the smoky darkness.

The former frontman of Murderdolls with Slipknot drummer and Murderdolls guitarist Joey Jordison, Wednesday 13 discussed his current and former bands in the pre-show interview. He and his mates proved to be a cut-up of humor while knowing how to have a good time. Then they promptly sang songs that hearkened images of being, well, cut up.

Remember, though, it’s all to be taken lightly. Just make sure not to pour that salt on any of your Wednesday 13-inflicted wounds.

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