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Daniel Bryan Talks Fatherhood, The Need For More Realistic WWE Promotion, And The Advice He Got

SmackDown Live general manager and former wrestler Daniel Bryan will soon be returning to the ring after a debilitating injury sidelined him. But now that he’s become a new father, he’s being approached for interviews by different publications to talk about his new baby with Bella twin Brie and much, much more.

According to E! Online, Daniel Bryan gives all praise in the world to Brie Bella for the successful birth of their daughter, Birdie. He praises her for being a “supermom,” and says that he enjoyed every minute of the birth of Birdie.

Bryan will be returning to WWE tonight after being granted eight weeks of paternity leave.

“Unsurprisingly, the new dad is feeling excited to get back to business, but sad to leave his girls at home in Phoenix. “I’ve been around them like every day,” he tells us. “So, that first night not being with my little baby is going to be a little bit tough I think.” Aww!”

Bryan went on to say that since the birth of Birdie, he’s worked on himself as a person, and he’s worked on his relationship with Brie. He also said that he’s become less selfish, but more inspired to become a better father and a better man.

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But just because he’s returning to work today, doesn’t mean Daniel Bryan is without his criticisms for the WWE. According to The Sun, one of the biggest complaints that he has about the organization is that there isn’t realistic fight promotion.

The outlet reports that Bryan believes that if the WWE is going to keep up with the promotions involving UFC and boxing, they’re going to have to be more transparent with their advertisements, because fancy “flash and dash” isn’t going to cut it anymore.

“I think the way that we present our superstars probably needs to change. Years ago, [WWE] went through with this idea of having as much live stuff as possible on the shows, but I think when you watch say UFC for example, some of the things that are the most endearing, that make you care the most about the fighters are these backstage vignettes that show their real personality.”

Bryan went on to say that he wasn’t a fan of the infamous Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, but the reason he and so many others were drawn to it was because of the personalities involved. Using that as an example, he said that the focus needs to shift to the wrestlers’ personalities.

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And, like every new dad is wont to do, Daniel Bryan sought out advice from other, more experienced dads.

According to Sportskeeda, Shane McMahon was the first to offer his colleague and friend some advice.

“The best parenting advice I actually got was from Shane McMahon. He was great with me when Brie was pregnant and all that. He said ‘when you have that baby, make sure you take care of Brie first.’ One of the things it’s really inspired me to do is really make… to really look at myself and (figure out) ‘how do I be the best possible father for my baby?’ And ‘how do I be the best possible role model?’ And ‘what are changes that I need to make to make her life better,’ and that sort of thing. It’s just a whole new type of responsibility.”

Sounds like Daniel Bryan is really taking this “dad” role seriously!

Are you excited about Daniel Bryan and his return to SmackDown Live?

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